On two consecutive Saturdays in late February and early March, Club members and friends of Caterham Rotary managed to collect just over £2000 from local residents in Church Walk Caterham, Knights Garden Centre Chelsham and Tesco’s Supermarket towards the earthquake tragedy that hit Turkey and Syria. 

The money has enabled us to fund the purchase of 3 Shelter Boxes from https://shelterbox.org/ and 2 Aqua Boxes from https://www.aquabox.org/  Both charities work closely with Rotary internationally.

 The Aqua Boxes contain water purification filters, small shelter equipment, lighting, cooking, feeding, educational development and hygiene materials.

Shelter boxes contain more resistant family sized tents, ropes, nails, tools. Mosquito nets, water filters. carriers, blankets, mats and solar lights.

The Shelter box organisation have a very stringent assessment, distribution and feedback team who provide boxes tailored to the nature and location of the disaster and look to deliver them within 48 hours.