Who we are

We are an enthusiastic, fun loving group of active men and women  who volunteer some of our time to help others both Locally and Overseas. Every member can enjoy satisfaction of using their skills and experience to put something back into Society whilst making new friends and connections.

With over 1 million Rotarians in the World spread over 200 countries, Rotarians have friends and connections everywhere.

The combined skills and experience of all these men and women make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

There is so much need in the World….We need more volunteers.

An opportunity for you

Would you like to help your local community and/or help our international aid programme? Would you like to make some more new friends? Do you have skills or experience that could help others?

If so please call Roger on 07861 929857 or email us at caterhamrotary2@gmail.com

Meet up for a quiet chat and a coffee and see if it feels right for you.