Caterham Rotarians Peter Georgiades and Colin Vane recently took part in a charity mast climb on the tall ship Tenacious, moored just below Tower Bridge in London.
After a safety briefing and fitting with a harness, it was time to leave the comfort of the solid deck to start the 90ft. climb. With each upward step the view of Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the Shard became more spectacular. There were two separate “crow’s nests” allowing a pause to admire the view. The breeze also became noticeably stronger as the climb progressed, and as our climbers neared the “button” at the top of the mast it became noticeable that the space to put feet became narrower. Peter’s comment was “I must admit that climbing the last 10 meters on a swinging rope ladder in the wind wasn’t the most enjoyable challenge.” Nevertheless, both Peter and Colin (who is also a volunteer for SERV) completed the climb and returned safely to the deck.
Proceeds from sponsors’ donations will be shared between the Jubilee Sailing Trust and SERV Surrey & London blood bikers.

Colin & Peter in action! – All photos by kind permission of David Issitt

More information regarding the two charities

Tenacious is operated by the Jubilee Sailing Trust and is the only sea-going tall ship in the world designed, built, and sailed by mixed-ability crew. There are lifts between decks so that all areas of the ship are wheelchair accessible. There are many other adaptations including a speaking compass for blind sailors to steer the ship and a powered joystick which can make steering easy for people with limited mobility.
SERV Surrey & London is a group of volunteers who provide an out-of-hours service of transport for blood, blood products and pathology samples to hospitals across Surrey and London. They also work closely in conjunction with neighbouring groups in Kent and Sussex. During the day they help supply donated breast milk which is invaluable in neo-natal units. They also provide daily deliveries of blood and plasma to the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance.