The Cedar Tree on Caterham on the Hill has had its name included in the sponsorship of a new Blood Motorbike funded by Caterham Rotary Club. The name has been printed onto both sides of the new bike coupled with the Caterham Rotary wheel.

In 1981 the Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers [SERV] was formed in Surrey to provide a reliable method of transporting crucial lifesaving blood and blood products to the hospitals and many medical units at night. SERV was able to provide an additional mode of transport for hospitals and medical establishments. It also transports emergency medical equipment, drugs and donor organs on occasions.

The teams work alongside and provide an additional service to the emergency transport already in place such as ambulances, police and couriers. Its service is provided at no cost and consequently it allows hospitals to use essential funds for improved patient care and other facilities within the hospital.

During COVID-19, riders have volunteered throughout the day and night in order to keep up with demand.  Riders use their own skills to ride at the advanced level needed to operate the bikes and they spend their own time supporting each other. 

During the past week the bike “Cedar Tree” has been in action 20 times including several journeys between the Kent Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance base at Redhill aerodrome and East Surrey Hospital.

Caterham Rotary’s President Geraint Jenkins said “We are delighted to have been able to support this worthy voluntary organisation who carry such out an incredibly important safe, quick  and reliable service  free of charge.

Photos by kind permission of SERV.