1st June saw the early transfer of the Presidency of our Club as Rotarian. Colin Vane handed over to incoming President Andy Parr MBE. President Elect is Steph Barrett and Vice President Rod Stead

Why so early ? – because Colin was departing on the 8th June as an able- bodied  yachtsman on the sail training ship Lord Nelson owned by The Jubilee Sailing Trust (J.S.T.)

The JST runs two square-rigged sailing ships which are designed and purpose-built for half the crew to be disabled.  Able-bodied crew are “buddied” with someone with a disability to provide assistance, which together with various features on the ships (e.g. wheelchair lifts between decks, audio compass etc.) gives the opportunity for people to go offshore sailing notwithstanding mobility difficulties, blindness etc.  The ships are operated by professional qualified officers and the rest of the crew provide the “muscle”.  Everyone pitches in with working the ship to the best of their ability (or disability) and there are no fare paying passengers.