Students actively helping the building of the new school library

Students actively helping the building of the new school library

Update from Rotarian Geraint Jenkins

“Kimilili Boys’ Primary School in Kimilili will soon have a library thanks to the support of the community of Caterham and District.

The boys’ hunger for the written word will soon be partially satiated by the

presence of books and even a computer or two as the villagers, teachers and

children have started to build a library thanks largely to the people of

Caterham and supporters of CHECK (Community Health and Education for the

Children of Kimilili.)

£4000 was handed over to the school by CHECK and the villagers have managed to

match this amount themselves over the last year and they are all now busily

constructing the much needed facility at the school. There is a great buzz of

excitement as the 1000 boys and their teachers, parents and local workmen pitch

in with the work.

Now, books are needed and CHECK hope to be able to pay for the cost of half the

total cost of the books and the Kenyan school community will provide the other

half of the costs. The philosophy of helping others to help themselves is

strongly adhered to by CHECK and the Kimilili Schools and hospital.

A visit will be paid to Kimilili by a few Rotarians and Caterham Overseas Aid

Trust Members in January and it is to be hoped that they will be able to take a

Blood Testing Machine kindly donated by Caterham Dene Hospital with them to


Students from Whyteleafe Primary School and de Stafford Secondary school have

e pen pal writing scheme with the Kenyan schools. Whyteleafe Primary School have

an International Award partly as a result of this pen pal project. Funds have

been raised for the Primary schools in Kimilili also by Hillcroft school who

donated their former school uniforms last summer.

A 120 wheelchairs funded by Caterham Rotary Club were sent out last year and were distributed by members of

the group who went out to Kimilili in 2013. A further much needed two chairs

have been purchased by members of LLoyd’s Bank after a cake sale they held


CHECK would never have been able to help so many children in Kimilili if it

wasn’t for the kindness and generosity of the lovely people of Caterham and District